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How to Make A Deposit Using UPI

Mar 23, 2022 | Deposit

1. Make sure you have installed a UPI-enabled mobile app.

2. On your browser, log in to your MCW account and go to deposit.

3. Under Payment Type, look and select UPI. A page redirecting to UPI will show.

4. Type the desired amount you want to deposit.

5. Type your UPI ID, then click next.

6. Save QR Code.

7. Scroll down and select your preferred UPI-enabled mobile app logo. Once clicked, it will redirect you to the App.

8. Select “Scan Any QR” and choose “Scan from Gallery”.

9. Choose the recently saved QR code.

10. Double check the amount and click Pay *desired amount*.

11. Scroll down and look for UTR. Once found, click copy.

12. Go back to your browser and paste UTR and proceed.

13. Congratulations! You have successfully deposited.