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What is a Fancy Bet?

Aug 31, 2021 | Sportsbook

A fancy bet is an additional bet market customized for cricket punters and is applicable only to cricket. Fancy betting has specific betting rules on it’s own. Betting on Fancy bets will not affect the liquidity of the Exchange.

What do the terms “Yes” and “No” mean? Fancy bets will always be back bets. The term ‘Yes’ means you are betting on an outcome To Happen while the term ‘No’ means you are betting on an outcome Not To Happen.

For example, NCC 5 Over Runs:

‘NCC’ is the abbreviation of the team, while ‘5 Over Runs’ refers to the total runs scored in the first five overs of the match. An over involves six deliveries from the bowler. If you bet on ‘Yes’ means you believe that NCC will have a total of 62 runs or above in the first five overs. If you bet on ‘No’ means you believe that NCC will have less than a total of 61 runs in the first five overs. Thus, the final result must be 60 runs or below in order to win the bet.

Another example, Fall of 1st WKT NCC:

“NCC” is the abbreviation of the team, while ‘Fall of 1st WKT’ refers to when the 1st batsman will be out. If you bet on “Yes”, this means that you believe the batsman will be out after 58 runs. And if you bet on “No”, this means that you believe the batsman will be out before 58 runs. If the 1st batsman is out when there are 54 runs, betting on ‘No’ will win the bet.

The number shown below the runs is the odds. They have minimum and maximum stake on the right hand side applied to each Fancy Bet. You can choose whether to accept at any odds. This allows you to accept that price changes may occur between betslip creation and bet placement, so you will always get your bet on instead of seeing errors or bet placement rejections due to price movements.

How can I check my Sportsbook Betting history?

In order to check your Sportsbook Betting history:

Step 1: Login to your MCW’s account.

Step 2: Click Sportsbook and select ‘Statement’.

Step 3: Click ‘Settled’ and expand your settled bet. Your betting history including your “Bet ID” will be displayed as below.

Why hasn’t my bet been settled after the event is completed?

Bets are usually settled within 5-30 minutes of an event finishing and the results being known. Live/In Play results may be settled during breaks in play such as half time (where the markets have known results).

There can sometimes be a delay during busy periods due to an influx of bets for highly popular events, in which case this time period is extended. At all times we endeavour to have bets settled as soon as possible. Please note that before a bet is settled we must receive official confirmation of the result from a variety of sources. If there is any ambiguity in the result of an event then settlements will be delayed until it can be confirmed.

If you do have a query regarding settlement, please have the Bet ID and details ready before contacting our 24/7 customer support team to ensure that your query is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

Where does your company obtain the results related to the events offered?

We confirm the results by watching the live event or obtaining information from the official governing body of the event.

What happens if I disconnect from the internet while placing my bets?

If you had successfully placed your bets, bets will remain in effect even if you have lost your internet connection. Once you log back in into your account, you can check the event results on the results page and view the results of your bets in the My Account (Exchange betting) / Statement (Sportsbook betting) section.

For bets that were unsuccessfully placed when the internet connection was lost, your balance will not be deducted. You only need to login again after re-connecting to continue. You can always check your betting activities in the My Account (Exchange betting) / Statement (Sportsbook betting) section if you are unsure whether the bets were placed successfully.

If an event is suspended or abandoned, will the bet be cancelled?

Should an event be suspended, abandoned or postponed and fail to resume after 48 hours from the official kick off / start time, the result as it stands will be deemed void and bets will be cancelled, unless stated otherwise in the Rules & Regulations. Certain markets that are unconditionally determined will be settled accordingly. The settlement procedures for these markets are stated in the Rules & Regulations. The company’s decision to cancel bets in such an event is final and is regardless of any official decision by the event referee or relevant governing authority. For ‘Parlays’, the bet will still be considered valid, though the selection within the parlay will be considered void. The payout formula will be calculated as (1) for that particular selection.