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MCW Deposit Issue (PC)

Nov 15, 2021 | Deposit

Note: Below are some issues you may encounter:

1. Problem: Incorrect reference number.
Solution: Input correct reference number.

2. Problem: Incorrect registered wallet number.
Solution: Input correct wallet number.

3. Problem: Incorrect amount.
Solution: Input correct amount.

4. Problem: Incomplete Details.
Solution: Input complete details.

5. Problem: Incorrect Payment Type.
Solution: Input correct payment type.

6. Problem: No Receipt Attached.
Solution: Attach receipt.

7. Problem: Invalid Receipt.
Solution: Attach valid receipt.

8. Problem: Not Agent’s Number.
Solution: Input correct Agent’s Number.

9. Problem: Already claimed Dxxx.
Solution: Make another unclaimed deposit.

10. Problem: Exceed 48 hours to claimed the deposit.
Solution: Make sure to claim your deposit within 48 hours.

11. Problem: Need proof of video showing wallet number up to successful transfer in bank statement.
Solution: Attach video file showing wallet number until successful transfer in bank statement.

1. Log in to your account.

2. On website homepage, click Member Center.

3. Once open, you will see your personal data as well as your transaction records. To proceed, click transaction details.

4. To know the reason why your deposit transaction failed, click on the transaction you want to check.

5. Once open, a trail of transaction will show to explain why your deposit payment has failed.